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Dog Samaritans: What we do
It's December - so can we especially thank you for visiting the site and wish you a VERYMERRYCHRISTMAS - We'd like to give our dogs a special time too - see if you can help.

Here at Dog Samaritans, we have a dedicated team of largely unpaid volunteers who rescue, foster, recover and re-home dogs that need help from various situations.

The small charity was set up over 25 years ago to help those who could no longer care for their dogs – whether through ill-health or domestic upheaval. The dogs are our number-one priority and while we have no kenneling facilities of our own, we use commercial boarding kennels in south Shropshire. Some dogs and puppies are unsuited to kenneling and we have wonderful foster homes for them to stay in while waiting to be re-homed.

We help all dogs of all ages, breeds and character – and some of them are REAL characters! They all have a story to tell -  some pleasant and benign, some woeful and some downright disgraceful. We take care of them all and, with a careful selection process, we match prospective owners to the right dog. Take a look at our Happy Endings page to see the results !

As you are already here, reading about us, you’ve obviously thought about ADOPTING a dog from us – but if you cannot directly adopt – you could SPONSOR a dog already in kennel-boarding; we also have several elderly dogs in foster-care, seeing out their days in kind and loving homes. Have you thought about FOSTERING ?

Once the dog is in our charge – we ensure that it is vet-checked, micro-chipped, de-wormed, flea-treated and vaccinated. Any dogs in foster homes have their food supplies and vet care paid for by Dog Samaritans. Further than that, we can also financially assist owners with the cost of spaying and neutering. All prospective owners have to be home-checked before we release the dog to your care.

As you can imagine – it is a costly affair with kennel boarding fees, vet charges, food bills and occasional advertising. The financing of the charity is partly offset by our two small charity shops: one in Church Stretton and one in Bishop’s Castle; donations of clothes, bric-a-brac and books are always welcome and money donations are significantly welcome especially if they are Gift-Aided. We have kept our suggested minimum donation astonishingly low for a number of years but our sundry costs have all increased to the point where we have to suggest a more realistic £150 if you decide to take on a dog from us; it will go some way to offset the overheads and investment we’ve made in your dog.

Here’s something to think about too: 95% of the money we raise goes to the help of the dogs – not many charities can match that.
Thanks for visiting us – please look at the various pages to get the full picture of what we do and how we do it.
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