Dog Samaritans -
Fostering a rescue dog
Dog Samaritans the rehoming branch of Animal Samaritans, animal charity a dog rescue based in Shropshire. We are always looking for kind people to foster rescue dogs for us, all expenses are paid. Older dogs and puppies do not do well in kennels and some dogs just find it to stressful.
There is the occasional rescue dog that needs surgery and therefore need a home in environment in which to recover.
Old dogs are often  looking for a "rest of life" foster, where we would pay any vets bills for the remainder of the dogs life.
Fostering for dog samaritans dog rescue is a rewarding experience as you make a big difference and many of the new owners keep in touch and bring the dog on visits.
If you are interested in fostering a rescue dog and wish to discuss what it involves, e:mail
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