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How you can help
If you can't ADOPT, then why not SPONSOR ?

Here, at Dog Samaritans, we occasionally have rescue dogs that are unable to be homed due to age or ill-health. We are able to get these dogs into long term foster-care with wonderful, dog-loving people.

The following dogs are currently looking for sponsorship to go towards the cost of their care.
Darcy: Our latest dog requiring palliative care is a female a Newfounlander / Mastiff cross (we think) with a severe degenerative condition in her back legs. The medical prognosis is poor for her so we would love her to be provided with as much devoted care and attention as possible in her last days. 

Mickey: a Yorkshire terrier who was diagnosed by a specialist vet in Gloucester as having an inoperable throat tumour. He was given only 6 months to live, so a wonderful couple grew to love him dearly and looked after him to his end. He was on permanent and rather expensive medication which we covered. Mickey died after 5 Years in the family foster-care. They have since taken on another Yorkshire terrier, who again has health problems. We give a massive "Thank You" to Liz and Margaret, who have given such wonderful care for us.
Harry: an old blind Collie, we paid the carer £25 a month for food and covered any vets bills incurred. Harry has since died but the foster-carer has since taken on an elderly Labrador from us.
Ben: an old farm Collie who has thyroid problems is on long term medication with regular blood tests. We pay the carer £25 a month for food and all vets bills.
Tikkanne: an Alsatian, we pay the carer £25 a month for food and all vets bills.
Toby: an elderly dog who was just left in a garden, he has gone to one of our volunteers, he has a lot of health issues and it cost £100 a month just for special food! He also has dry eye syndrome which is expensive to treat.
These are just a few of our dogs we have in long term foster care.
We also get rescue dogs who need specialist (expensive) vetinary care or sometimes an operation. DONATIONS are a great help.

If you can DONATE, or can SPONSOR one or more of the dogs in our care, then please email:  
or to make a donation online, go to:

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