Dog Samaritans -
Peggy May 2014
peggy a rescue dog rehomed from dogsamaritans, dog rescue, shropshire.
Here is a picture of Peggy with her new best friend, my Dad, Harry.  They are so very happy with each other - it's a joy to see.  She has her own basket in the sitting room, but prefers life sat on the sofa with Dad! She spends hours with him in the garden, sitting by his side perfectly content to watch him work, taking only little breaks to tear about the garden with her ball.  They have a (good) 2 hour walk together every morning, plus a shorter one in the evenings.  She is good chums with our older dog, Billy, and bosses him about without being nasty - he's a real wimp so is quite ok being the underdog!  All in all, life is good for Peggy - after all her experiences, it is wonderful to find her still affectionate, still willing to expect the best from everyone she meets.  She is a lesson to us all, and a wonderful life's companion for my Dad.  Huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to find her a good home, and who were (luckily for us!) unable to do so till the right man came along.  A happy, happy ending.

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