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Considering Adopting a Rescue Dog?
RehomingConsidering a rescue dog at dog samaritans? a part of animal samaritans dog rescue animal charity in shropshire a rescue dog from an animal charity can be a rewarding experience, even for a first time dog owner. We are here to support and advise you on the rescue dogs that come into our care and we feel it is our responsibility to place the right dog with you. Having said that we are not going to make the experience a long and drawn out process.  If you find a rescue dog  in our dog rescue and the 'bond' is made, we'll endeavour to get the two of you together as quickly as possible!
Considering a rescue dog at dog samaritans  dog rescue a part of animal samaritans animal charity shropshireIf you browse the rescue dogs that need homes' page of the website, dog samaritans the rehoming branch of animal samaritans, shropshire, you'll see we have been as concise as possible with our description of the rescue dogs and their temperaments. If you are considering a rescue dog  it's up to you to think which animal is going to suit your family and fit in with you daily routine. If, for example, you live a fairly sedate life it would not be a good match to have a dog that needs hours of walking. Please don't be put off though, the easiest way is to talk to Carol as she is something of a 'dog whisperer' so she'll work with you to get you a doggy companion for life! Our dog rescue is based in shropshire.
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