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Dog Samaritans is the dog rescue arm of the animal samaritans Midlands Trust (incorporating border collie rescue) which is a registered animal based in Church Stretton, South Shropshire in the west midlands. We always have rescue dogs for rehoming of all shapes and sizes.
So often with charity appeals your could end up just about anywhere. Dog Samaritans  guarantees that 95% of it raises is used to aid the rehoming or of local rescue dogs that need help at our dog rescue in shropshire. 
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Dog of the Month!  Bruno, poor bruno has been in our recue a long time!Wilson a rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, shropshire.
Bruno is a lovely dog,  he is very friendly and intelligent.  He is very willing to learn and loves food which is a for .  We think he is 4 years old but maybe younger, he is neutered and fully vaccinated.
He is, however, very strong and that is what puts people off when they see him. But with plenty of excercise and basic we feel he will soon walk nicely on the lead. 
He does not appear to be bothered by other dogs apart from wanting to say hello. 
He is just a , boisterous buffoon really who needs lots of exercise, We can honestly say he has never shown an ounce of aggression while he has been in rescue.
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