Dogs that Need Homes

This page lists the rescue dogs that are currently under our care - either in Nipstone Kennels in south Shropshire or in foster-homes; some rescue dogs are unsuited to kennel life and it's best that they stay in loving foster homes throughout the border region and West Midlands. All dogs here have been rescued or recovered by Dog Samaritans - but they all need homes.


The New Website is regularly being updated ***

All these dogs are looking for a loving home; some are in kennels and others in foster-care. The prospective keepers will be required to have a home-check visit and we ask for a minimum of £150 donation for each rescue dog; some pedigree dogs and puppies will require a higher donation and this is indicated in the listing.

We would love you to consider a rescue dog from us, so please browse our web site which is updated on a daily basis so all rescue dogs here are available. If you feel you can offer the perfect home to one of these wonderful rescue dogs then please call Carol on 01588 676106 - often the phone can be very busy so if you can, please email [email protected] and leave your name and phone number. If telephoning please ring after 9am and before 6pm.

Carol will help you find the ideal dog match for your circumstances.

If you are planning a holiday it is best to wait until you return before you choose a dog. If you wish to reserve a dog until after your holiday, we would ask you to pay the boarding fees until you collect the dog.

Many rescue dogs arrive with the history the previous owners have given us; sometimes this is not always accurate or complete. We do a lot of our own observations of the dogs to corroborate the information supplied and fill-in the all-too obvious gaps.

In a nutshell: If you can give any of these dogs a perfect home, please ring Carol on 01588 676106  or email [email protected] 

Sally: 10yr old female Staffie

Autumn 2017

SALLY is lovely with people but she is rather poor around other animals.

She is well trained in general and is fine wearing a muzzle for when taking her for a walk.

She is micro-chipped and already spayed however she does need her injections boosted. It is suggested that Sally be the only dog and no cats. (Still in own home)

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Pepper: 9 year old female Boxer/Labrador

Autumn 2017

Pepper is a very handsome girl who really needs to be an only dog as she does not like cats. Nice easy, good-natured dog, she is strong on the lead and therefore would not suite an elderly person. She's at Nipstone Kennels near the Stiperstones in south Shropshire.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Mist: 2yr old female Border Collie

** Currently RESERVED **

November 2017

Mist is a two year old border collie. She recently arrived and is a failed working dog. She is very friendly and pretty. Walks nicely on the lead. She has not yet been spayed. Apparently she is good with children and other dogs. She loves travelling in the car but as she has not lived in the house she will need some house training. At Nipstone Kennels.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Darcy: very old St Bernard/Mastiff x  **NOW RE-HOMED !! **

Summer 2017

Darcy recently come into our care and needs palliative care for her remaining days.

She is a grand old dame - we think she's a St Bernard / Mastiff cross. Darcy was badly abused by her original drug-fueled owners and was rescued by an elderly lady and her daughter who are now no longer able to look after her after many years of love and attention.

Darcy has a degenerative condition in her back legs; it doesn't stop her wagging her tail though ! Her condition affects her normal functions so she requires lifting and support to walk and relieve herself. The medical prognosis is poor for her so we would love her to be given as much devoted care and attention as possible in her last days.

New Year Treat !! : Darcy has been taken on permanently by her foster-carer: Dogsamaritans is covering her (rather enormous) food bills (she's a big lass) and her medication. Great result !!

Eve: Female Staffie / Boxer cross about 6-8yrs old

** currently in kennels **

November 2017

Our initial observations and evaluation of Eve is that she’s a delightful medium sized, cream-coloured Staffie / Boxer cross (we believe) who has been used onsite as a guard dog and also (rather sadly) as a breeding bitch. She is a strong and thick-set dog but the correct weight for her breed - she's also surprisingly very affectionate to humans and displays overt joy when you greet her - she LOVES toys; she's also well house-trained and good in the car. Like most dogs in rescue she has an issue – with Eve it is going outside, particularly when it’s cold; her hair is very thin so she feels it acutely. Whilst she tolerates other dogs of similar size, smaller dogs could be an issue with her - we have only ever short-leaded her in the presence of other dogs - so we expect that she would be better suited to an "only-dog" home with a fit owner. 

She has had periods of isolation with some (we think) ill-treatment; her last litter was in October and were disposed of mid December (for the Christmas market – Oh dear !). She could be close to season – but we are following her condition - currently (mid Jan) she appears to be season-free. DogSamaritans usually insist that bitches are spayed - but Eve's breed can suffer with breathing during such operations so she is still un-spayed. Her initial vet check showed her to be very healthy and puppy-free. She’s currently at Nipstone Kennels at Stiperstones South Shropshire.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Buster & Bobby: 7yr old male Collies

November 2017

Now here’s a right PAIR of Collies that are inseparable – so they need re-homing together.

They support and rely on one another as they both have well advanced eye problems with Buster being partially sighted and Bobby only having one eye and is almost blind in his remaining eye.

They have both been micro-chipped and vaccinated (including kennel cough) – despite their sight issues, they are a delightful pair of dogs who are house-trained, surprisingly active and have good lead discipline. They have not had a great life so far but their manner is buoyant and in the right home they will give a lot of faithful pleasure. 

If you're that special person, rest assured, Dogsamaritans will cover their food and vet costs.

They are currently at Nipstone Kennels

Rescue dogs at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Treacle: 6+ yr old female British Bulldog

November 2017

Treacle is a beautiful classic British Bulldog who has been recovered recently. She is in fine condition and at perfect weight for her breed;  she's NOT been spayed and she’s great with people - young and old and enjoys short walks of less than a couple of miles. Like most bulldogs, sustained activity tires her out but she loves sleeping and modest play. Treacle tends not to get on with other dogs but with some re-conditioning this might be overcome; she tends to bark at other dogs while in the street but has not shown overt agressiveness while under fostering. Whilst in her foster care, she's been described by locals as a "real cutey".

She would really benefit from an understanding and loving person or family who can give her the companionship she deserves in a forever home.

( Don't you think Clemmy - would be a great re-name ? )

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.